Step 17: Troubleshooting Ideas

Positioning of the mouthpiece
--You can move it forward and backwards to figure out the area which produces the loudest tone.

Plugging the end
--Some whistles end up being loudest when you plug the other end with your finger, some when you don't plug the end.

Holding mouthpiece
--Sometimes it helps to hold the mouthpiece tightly while you blow your whistle. If that's the case, when you are satisfied with your configuration you can consider gluing the mouthpiece into place.

Try the above in several different configurations to find the loudest whistle. If none of the above work, you can try the next two steps.

Cutting/sanding your fipple
--If you've tried the above, you can try sanding down the end cap a bit more, and adjusting a bit the sides of the cut barrel portion. If you can't blow the whistle at all, this is definitely the area you need to fix.

Cutting lip/hole larger
--If you've tried the other things, you can try cutting your angle differently on the lip.

<p>looks fun but I might be able to make a better one.</p>
<p>Perfect for my EDC. Thanks a lot for sharing.</p>
Took a while, but made a successful one on my first try! Thanks for posting this.
Very nicely done 'ible. Easy to follow and fun to do. Thanks for sharing.
я вообще не понимаю по английски
А также найти наставника
u could use the cap from a bic crystal and suck on it idk why it works LOL
Yes, some of the caps I tried you could just blow into and they'd work, but since I wanted to include a pen in my kit as well, I wanted to combine them.
on the cheat 50 cent ones you have to spit a little in the caps and suck on it
I totally made this.
How did it go?
Fine. I had trouble with step 10 because I didn't realize I was trying to make an air channel.
Thanks for the feedback! I added a bit to clarify that :-) Was your whistle pleasantly loud?
Wow thats a long instructable!
Thank you! :)
Welcome. :D
i dont quite get it, but i will try this
What do you not get? Could I perhaps clarify something?

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