Introduction: Transform a Boring Old Table Lamp Into 2800 Lumen LED Blaster

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Hello everyone,
I'll teach you how to Transform your 'eating dust in the dorm' Table lamp into 2800+ Lumen LED hot stuff!

This will be more of a pictorial guide rather than any write up...
Okay! So lets get it done!

Step 1: Open Your Old Lamp

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Open your old lamp. This will be a little different for each lamp.
Look at the bottom for screws. Some models are just snap-fit, so carefull pry them apart.

Step 2: Remove the Old Stuff Out!

Picture of Remove the Old Stuff Out!

Remove the old stuff out!
Your lamp might me the one with CFLs or even an Incandescent.
Its time to say all the old technology goodbye!

My lamp was powered by a 9W CFL (Phillips PL) and Had a ballast at the base.
Be careful when handling CFLs.

Step 3: Decide How the LEDs Will Fit In

Picture of Decide How the LEDs Will Fit In

Now here comes the important part.

We need to decide how the LEDs will Fit in. Remember that LEDs are sensitive to heat, so heatsinking is essential. I found a reasonable Sized Aluminium block- Just the perfect item to wick the heat away, and also support the LEDs.

You also need to figure a way to install the LED ballast, I put it in where the CFL ballast was.

Step 4: Wicked 2800 Lumens of Retina-burning Power!

Picture of Wicked 2800 Lumens of Retina-burning Power!

I pasted 12 of Seoul P4 LEDs onto the aluminium Block.
Each of the LEDs are rated to Deliever 240 Lumens at max power. I used 12...So that wicked 2800 Lumens of Retina-burning power!

LEDs were secured to the block with thermal paste, and a drop of thermal glue.

Be careful about the polarity!

Step 5: 12 LEDs in Place on the Aluminium Block.

Picture of 12 LEDs in Place on the Aluminium Block.

SO here is the beastie!

12 LEDs in place on the aluminium block.
Statutory warning-' Do not stare directly into the LEDs, unless you know how to find way without vision or have some replacement eyeballs ready'

Step 6: Fianlly, Everything Is in Place

Picture of Fianlly, Everything Is in Place

Fianlly, everything is in place.
Put back the lamp in reverse order as you opened it. I'd recommended consulting to lamp's manual for reference.

12 LEDs at High power do give out a respectable amount of heat...So i'm plannig to active cool it with a 40mm thats for part 2....

Step 7: Alright, I'll Let the Pictures Do All the Talking.

Picture of Alright, I'll Let the Pictures Do All the Talking.

Alright, i'll let the pictures do all the talking.

First, the control shot...

Then with the Blaster lamp!


MYawar (author)2014-05-26

Thats a quiet useful mod.

Can you tell me any place where I can get the high power LED's locally, technicians, mobile repairers, I mean something like that

bhvm (author)MYawar2014-05-26

I think you should try Electronics or Radio component shops. They sell Chinese, RAW LED. Please be informed that Chinese LED if sold 1W is only half watt. Also they're RAW so need to fix them onto proper heatsinks and boards.

MYawar (author)bhvm2014-05-26

Thanks, I would try there

Akin Yildiz (author)2014-05-25

now i have a question for you sir! did you hook up those different colored LEDs in series with the rest, all running from the same power source? i thought each color had to have their own driver/power source. are they all the same mA? but different voltage? please answer, i have been looking for this for a long time..! thank you :)

bhvm (author)Akin Yildiz2014-05-26

Hello Akin!

The LEDs are not different colour! They're all white.Most of them are Warm white. The 2 Bluish ones are cool white. I did so as to balance a neutral colour temp. The Power supply used is a constant current source. As a result, minor differences in Voltage of each led does not matter, Its the current that remains regulated. Feel free to contact me anytime if you need to know more. Have a great time!

grannyjones (author)2013-01-17

Nice to know I won't have to let the OEM bend me over when the old tube tanks.
(thinking it's about due. . .)

bhvm (author)grannyjones2013-01-17

just wait for my 6000 lumens light bar that I have installed in home.

ironsmiter (author)2009-12-06

Is that 10 Warm Yellow, and 2 Bright White in that install?

So.... compared to a 150 watt(~2850 lumen) incandescent... How's the output?
Or compared to your ~1120 Lumen CFL that was removed?
Plenty? Overkill? Overkill for task lighting, but too directional for whole room lighting?
How's the power/heat difference?
It's GOT TO kick out more than the CFL... right? or at least moves the heat from the ballast(cfl) into the reflector(leds)?
What's the Power savings?

Or is that all o come in PART 2?

bhvm (author)ironsmiter2009-12-06

hello IronSmiter,
I'll answer you one by one.

1> Is'nt that too obivious? This thing BLOWS away all the incans.
2>The CFL removed was more like 720 Lumen, at 15 watts (including ballast losses)

3>This thing is more than twice as bright as compared to CFL.
4>Extremely diffused, Bright, and Supreme light... enough for Micro jobs or light up a small room

5> 10 LEDs were Warm white 3000 Kelvin.... 2 of them were cool white 7000 kelvin.

6>LEDs heat up a bit... but ballast is cool

7> overall power consumption is 18 watts... Compared to CFL, excellent gain i must say (CFL was only 720 Lumen)

sbdash11391 (author)bhvm2012-11-14


bhvm (author)sbdash113912012-11-15

Yeah, Purchasing LEDs in India is a feat, specially if your quantity is small. you can try (search these in google)
Kwality India
india mart

ironsmiter (author)bhvm2009-12-06

cool. thanks for the info :-)

So the end result is 9W CFL out, 18W LED in.
                                720 Lumen out, 2800 lumen in.
    exponentially more light, for only twice the power.

Lovin it!

agis68 (author)2010-08-31

I got the same lamp. I ve boughted some 20 years ago for my fist student desk when I was student in University...and still works fine!!!

aaaaoooo (author)2009-12-22


bhvm (author)aaaaoooo2009-12-22

Hello there,
Please visit to buy the LEDs

lemonie (author)2009-12-06

Yes, that's bright - nice job.


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