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Go to your local hardware store and purchase 4 cinder blocks for ~$1 each. Place the blocks under each leg of the desk. For added security wrap large hose clamps around the cinder block and desk feet. An Ikea desk works great for this.


seamster (author)2015-01-23

Great idea!

I've been tempted to do this, but I'm trying to figure out how to convert my perfectly comfy office chair into a perfectly comfy tall chair, you know, for the times I still feel like sitting. Any ideas?

Tomg12 (author)seamster2015-01-24

With the money I saved by using cider blocks, instead of purchasing a $1k adjustable desk, I invested in a Focal Sit Stand thing seat thing... it was $800, but it works really well and allows me to stand all day. My back was being destroyed by my regular office chair. I plan to throw it away or donate it by leaving it on the curb. In other words, I committed 100% to the sit stand thing.

All that said, while I was devising my plan I did consider raising my chair as backup... but all ideas were very Rube Goldburgian... i.e. a cinder block under each leg. The best idea was an inexpensive bar stool.

seamster (author)Tomg122015-01-24

Ha! I've been thinking about making some sort of timber framework to put under my chair so I could still use it occasionally, but that just seems pretty silly and perhaps not very feasible.

I may just have to bite the bullet and go all in, as you did!

jayawilliams (author)seamster2015-01-23

Number of rollers = number of cinder blocks

seamster (author)jayawilliams2015-01-23

Ha! That could work!

jayawilliams (author)seamster2015-01-23

:-D sorry. Couldn't resist

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