Transform Your Laser Pointer to a "spot-flash Light" :)





Introduction: Transform Your Laser Pointer to a "spot-flash Light" :)

Hi ... in this ultra easy instructable I will show you, hot to change your laser pointer to a (spot) flash light.

Parts you need:

1. laser pointer
2. camera lens from small "SPY" camera
3. glue gun or tape

And that's it :) ... just fit the lens to your laser pointer and you have a flash light. Have a look on the pictures.

Step 1: Results and Thoughts ...

I add two pictures, just for imagination, how powerful this laser/flashlight is. These two pictures have been taken from 5 and 4 meters distance - in complete dark.

I think, for such small 5mW laser it's really powerful. I could see my garden table with chairs that are cca 30m from my window. Have a go ... and you will see.

What I'm planing to do ... to make a small IR illuminator for my night vision. Right now I'm bidding on ebay for 2 IR diodes ... so, lets hope it will not overcome my budget for that project. Any way, my idea is to use these 2 IR diodes to illuminate the distance area ... and use one IR LED diode to illuminate the surrounding area. And these two IR laser diodes would be pointed at one point/centred on the distance of 15m or 20m.

* other advantage of this laser/flashlight is - that it produce focused light ... so it is not that easy to spot it from the side (the same like laser).

Hope, you enjoyed it. Thanks.

P.S. : I did a small experiment with my solar panel (from a small solar light) ... And this light could produce over 70mV.



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    Does anyone know what those patterns are that show up in the laser spotlight:

    When I was younger I'd see them sometimes when my eyes were half shut and I always thought they were bacteria or something. Obviously... that's wrong. But what is it then?



    Ill just leave this here...

    It's dust and dirt ... and the big long line = scratch - I scratch the lens :(

    Not necessarily. I shined the laser through a drop of water and the circles and lines were still there, except moving. So the long lines can't be scratches if they move.

    yeah that happens on my microscope aswell

     Yeah I had that kind of thing too. 
    I asked my optometrist and they said it was little bits of dust + stuff floating around in there. nothing to worry about, apparently.

    Yeah its great to achieve Laser Fusion Milestone.The scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California reported that they had demonstrated that laser pointers pulses shot into a cavity can produce the conditions required to trigger nuclear fusion reactions.

    optics at work... must.... find...... LASER POINTER!!! Next time, try not to scratch the lens.

    what r laser diodes and what do they do?

    I was thinking of just the same thing with the night vision!

    exept I am not sure how easy it is to put in the ir diodes