Introduction: Transform Your Old CDs Into Stylish Ornamental Jewelry

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Making something creative with the old stuff is fun. I found old CDs from my cupboard and after thinking about a day I decided to make Jewelry set so that I can wear it in the next party as well. It’s stylish and different and you can also gift this handmade item to your friends and loved ones.

Step 1: Required Material

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Required Material:

2 Old CDs or DVDs
Different ornament (available at home)
Some old Resistors
Sewing needle
Pencil / Scale
Earrings hook
And other tools

Step 2: Sticking Ornaments

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Starting with necklace. Stick the rectangle shaped ornaments around the middle circle of the CD. Arrange the red ornaments on the suitable position. Now drill holes on the edges of the entire CD with about half inch distance in each of them.

Step 3:

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Fix the old resistors into the holes around. Put three beads in a wire piece and attach it into the drilled holes. The resistors and beads will be in an alternate manner, as shown in the pictures.

Step 4:

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Take a wire piece and put white and red beads into it and join it with the rectangle shaped ornament and stretch it to the drilled holes and tie there. You can have a look on pictures to get an idea about it. Make four beads series in the same manner. Do the same on the other side as well. 

Step 5:

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Take thread and needle and put combination of beads (white and black) into the thread and tie the beaded string in the holes. Make five beaded strings and tie them at the lower side of the necklace. Make the necklace strap with the help of pearl beads and attach it with the necklace. 

Step 6: Making Earrings

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Split the second CD into two pieces with the help of cutter. Make a hole on the top of both pieces with the drill machine. 

Step 7: Sticking Ornaments

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Now arrange different ornaments and paste them on the earrings piece. Add the earrings hook into the little holes. Earrings are done. 

Step 8: Final Product

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Now you have a beautiful set of jewelry that you can display, gift or wear on any occasion :)

Step 9: How to Wrap

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Take a plain white paper and color it. Stick the colored paper on the hard sheet (it could be any folder or paper file available at home). Adjust the jewelry set on it and fix with the help of tape. Now take ribbon and paste it all around. Also paste the pink ornaments and a ribbon flower for a fine look. The lovely gift wrapping is done.


maikaew (author)2011-10-27

This is awesome idea.I was looking for something to do with my old cds.I'll try some.Thanks.

SONIart (author)maikaew2011-12-04

Hey !! Thanks Maikaew :)

happyjo (author)2011-02-16

Wow! This is awesome! Good use for old CDs! :D

SONIart (author)happyjo2011-02-27

Thanks Happyjo :)

happyjo (author)SONIart2011-02-27

You are welcome SON lart!

Miss Cinderella (author)2010-12-20

Nice !! I love it.

Such a unique idea. It looks stylish and pretty.

Thanks for sharing !!!

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