Inside dvd support
- You will use the cars
stock support for the
rear of the dvd.
- Some trimming of the
plastic support
- To get the dvd drive
to fit.
- Use the stock xbox
hard drive tray.
 Pictures show hd
upside down. Flip it
over so it is right side
up when you put it all
back together.
This is awsome ill be making something similar but ill be using one of my xbox 360 thumbs up dude Im just lost for words so just excellent
Time to step outside your comfort zone! You do a great job on things like this and and the Millienium Falcon but it's time to step it up and mod current systems. this is nice and all but it's just an outdated softmodded xbox shoved inside a hideous rc model... I think you'd do great work with actuatiors!
Thanks i guess, this is a old xbox mod i did about 3 years ago. just thought i would share it.
I really think this one ought to be called "Transform an R/C Car into an Xbox." I was expecting an actual Xbox with wheels.
Sorry, but I really don't see a point to this project. You did a nice job and the instructions are great, but I can't think of a reason why anyone would want to follow them.
Its very artistic! Cool hot-rod-mod.
Thank You !!!
This is a nice, clean job. But what is it like with the cooling?<br>Also does it still function like a R/C car? Can you unplug the Xbox and drive it around?<br>It'd probably be slower due to added weight, but still be cool.
It runs cooler than stock ! It does still fully function you can unplug the Xbox and drive it around ! thanks mark

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