I've been seeing a lot of Lego iPod docks on instructables, and I wanted to make one of my own. The one I made comes with a front that can add on to the back to make a backrest for your iPod Touch or iPhone.
   To build this iPod dock, you'll need:

1) 3 1x10 standard pieces

2) 17 1x6 standard pieces

3) 15 1x2 standard pieces

4) 12 1x1 standard pieces

5) 10 1x4 standard pieces

6) 2 3-pegged L-shaped standard pieces (Preferably a different colour than the rest of the pieces)

7) 2 2x2 standard pieces

8) 1 2x6 standard piece

9) 2 1x2 flat pieces

10) 1 2x6 flat piece

11) 1 6x14 flat piece (Your base)

12) 1 iPod charging cord

Remember to comment and follow me, as I will be doing more stuff with Lego in the future.

Step 1: Getting Started

Picture 1 - Lay out your base 6x14 flat piece on a flat surface.

Picture 2 - Place two 1x6 regular pieces on the widths of your base.

Picture 3 - Put one of your three 1x10 standard pieces in the middle of the end facing away from you.

Picture 4 - Place two 1x1 pieces to fill in the gaps.

Picture 5 - Put down two parallel 1x4 pieces touching each corner closest to you, so it leaves a 1x4 space between them.

Picture 6 - Put two 1x1 pieces in the 1x4 gap. There should be a 1x2 gap now, right in the middle of the side facing you.

Picture 7 - Place two parallel 1x4 pieces four pegs away from either width of the base.

Picture 8 - Place two 1x6 pieces on the two top right corners, so that they face each other.

Picture 9 - Place a 1x2 piece in the middle of the two 1x6 pieces.

Picture 10 - Place four 1x4 pieces as shown in the picture.

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