Transformable Lego iPod Dock

Step 2: Inserting the Charger

Picture 1 - Insert the charger into the 1x2 hole and leave the iPod end inside (Make sure the cord is tight leading out).

Picture 2 - Add on your 2x6 standard piece onto the hole.

Picture 3 - Place a 1x2 and a 1x1 on each side of the dock zone (The dock zone is where your iPod is going to sit on the charger).

Picture 4 - Place two 1x1 pieces as shown.

Picture 5 - Put two 1x6 pieces in the bottom of the dock zone.

Picture 6 - Place your two 2x2 pieces over top of the 1x6 pieces.

Picture 7 - Place your second 1x10 piece in the middle of the length of the side facing away from you.

Picture 8 - Put down a 1x1 piece and a 1x2 piece on each outward corner (Making an 'L' shape).

Picture 9 - Put down two 1x2 pieces on each width, then place two 1x6 pieces on the length facing you.

Picture 10 - Place a 1x6 piece on each width. Then, place your last 1x10 piece in the middle of the side facing towards you.
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