Introduction: Transformation LED Floor Lamp Using Gearbox Parts

Picture of Transformation LED Floor Lamp Using Gearbox Parts

Modification LED floor lamp - too small- to the desired size, using gearbox parts.

I have gearbox (damaged), too small (for me) floor lamp and one idea.

Step 1: Necessary

Picture of Necessary

1. Floor lamp

2. gerabox from car (gear)

3. angle grinder

4. drill with metal brush

5. paint

6. plastic clips

7. welder

8. metal angle

Step 2: Preparation

Picture of Preparation

Separate gearbox for parts what you need.

Select the best.

I chose this as the picture. Weld then togheter.

Step 3: Next Step

Picture of Next Step

Prepare angle as pictured.

Connect angle with gear - using welding.

Clean all - drill with metal brush and/or angle grinder

Step 4: Connect

Picture of Connect

Connect base with floor lamp.

I used plastic clips.


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