I decided to experiment with Cordless Drill transformation into LED lamp because aspects:

ᐈ refurbishing and re-use of useless Power Tool with burned motor unit

ᐈ handy form of sturdy plastic body of broken drill equipped with two sets of Ni-Cd 12 V, 1,4Ah Battery packs as well as a well made battery charger

ᐈ stable standing, with weight on bottom of Lamp

ᐈ cheap 10 W LED chips and easy to get Fan and Cooler

ᐈ In case of 12-Volts Ni-Cd battery no necessity for further voltage and current modification (if mention LED chip is used)

ᐈ need of wide Angel and strong Light source

Step 1: What You Will Need for Re-transformation

ᐈ LED chip 10 W (this one is possible to cool down effectively with ordinary size of GPU ventilator and cooler of older generations)

10W Cool/Warm White High Power 30Mil SMD Led Chip Flood Light Bead CE8

ᐈ 2 pcs of Switches

ᐈ Fan and Cooler (from older GPU)

ᐈ Wires (old AC power cable can be source of good-quality 3 line copper conductor)

ᐈ Tools and etc. : Soldering accessories, screw-tap (to make thread for 2 mm (M2) bolt), multimeter, rotary tool for adjusting plastic interior of body, heat-sink paste, 4 pcs M2 bolts,

Step 2: Work

ᐈ adjust LED Chip to the Cooler. Optimal pilot hole for taping M2 thread to Aluminum Cooler is 1.4 - 1.6 mm. Add thermal paste under LED Chip and fix it with screws.

ᐈ Consider cleaning and repacking of a Fan bearing and cleaning of heat sink surface to obtain stable performance.

ᐈ Drill holes in plastic body for both of Switches or for only one, if switching Fan and LED in one time is preferred.

ᐈ Adjust all components into opened plastic body, make necessary changes by rotary tool and wire all elements up.

Step 3: Test

Test out carefully your re-cycled LED Lamp.

ᐈ check if you installed sufficient heat-sink and fan

ᐈ pay attention to make well isolated wiring of your circuit.

(Short circuited Power Tool battery can be dangerous or can set things to fire or blow.)

<p>(old AC power cable can be source of good-quality 3 line copper conductor)<br><br>That's so true, I've spent a lot of time skinning old computer cords down..</p><p>It's nice to see someone reusing as much broken tech as possible. </p><p>Great job!</p><p>BTW, they make great auto accent lights too </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Blue-Auto-Interior-Courtesy-Lights/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Blue-Auto-Interior...</a></p>
<p>Cool idea, but a high power LED should always be driven with a <strong>constant current</strong>. Otherwise the current will raise when the LED-Chip gets warm/hot, which reduces it's life span. Not even the voltage of your battery is limiting, as it easily reaches 14V when fully charged and those 10W LED-Chips are typically specified with 9-12V.</p>
<p>I agree that constant current sources are great. an lm317 and a resistor are all you need. It keeps the light output constant too. </p><p>For safety you need something. Even just a 22 ohm resistor in series like this....</p><p>You can Epoxy it to the heatsink.</p><p>its a great project but add a resistor for safety</p>
<p>Very good approach to recycle stuff that malfunction.<br>can you add some photos of the light if possible.</p>
Good work ! An easy to recharge!

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