Introduction: Transformation of Waste Package

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Step1: Preparetheacrylic paintsandpretty patternscutdressabove.Of course, thisaccordingtoyourpreferencetochoosethepatternofeachstyle.
Step2: Brushonthecoloryou like,brushupdo not hesitate totake advantage ofit has not yetdrywhenyoucut it downragsNianshang Qu,you canuse latexordouble-sided tape,here IOh, thatislatex.
The third step:deliberatelypolishedpressbucklewith apiece of ironorbrick.Soretro feel.Now,Finishslightly ~


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-03-21

Beautiful decorating! You should put a picture of the finished project first :)

Haha Thanks for your advice! I will work hard to improve the work

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