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Hey :) .... i want to share my instructable on making a transformer USB stick.

i am sorry because there is not steps in this instructable ( somehow the button for adding steps is gone !! ... i've mailed the administrators and as soon, it can be resolved i will add steps .... otherwise the pictures are self explenatory :) )

please vote if you like my tutorial :)

Step 1: Shoulder

Picture of Shoulder

Step 2: Arm

Step 3: Hip

Step 4: Leg

Step 5: Head

Designing the head

Step 6: USB Body


Step 7: Body

Here designing the Body of the USB

Step 8: Tail

Here designing the tail

Step 9: Finish

Here the finish USB stick


Halphinian (author)2013-11-17

This looks awesome I want to make it but I've got a question: can it transform and if so, please show what it looks like

stregoi (author)Halphinian2013-11-17

Hi, thank you :) .... Yes it Can transform, you Can se a picture here on how it looks Like when unfolded

Numbuh1 (author)2013-10-29

Isn't this an exact copy from another flash drive?

stregoi (author)Numbuh12013-10-29

yes it is, as i mentioned, i took my inspiration from google, somehow i cant add steps to my instructable, otherwise i would explain my design process in details

Numbuh1 (author)stregoi2013-10-29

Ah, and that's a weird glitch..

Cameronmo (author)2013-10-25

I've got the same flash drive on my desk now. Nice job with the details.

stregoi (author)Cameronmo2013-10-29

sounds cool, i took my inspiration from google :)

AWOLdude (author)2013-10-26

This looks really cool

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