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               Ever since I first watched the transformers movie, Blaster has been one of my favorite transformers.  Two years ago, I finally got a Blaster toy for Christmas (It was the remake, with Lockjaw, Eject, and Ramhorn), As soon  as I pulled him out of the twisty ties, I knew he would be the perfect transformer for some sort of modification; He had nice, large, hollow legs, plenty of space in his chest, and even a molded on/off switch on one of his legs. Upon further study, I found that the blaster mold was originally intended to be an actual radio, with a special cassette that acted as a receiver.  After learning this, I was inspired to recreate this toy, replacing the radio cassette with an earphone jack that can be plugged into almost any MP3 player

      This is not the my first transformer modification, my first is here -  http://www.instructables.com/id/Transformer-Jump-Drive/

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
-  Blaster toy (mine was a remake of the original mold)
-  one control chip for a stereo speaker with a volume control and power switch
-  two smaller, toy speakers
-  solder
-  AAA battery case

-  soldering iron
-  wire snips
-  needle nose pliers
-  razor blade
-  Philips head screwdriver
-  hot glue gun
GIMAGUITARS2 years ago
Almost makes me want to hack into my tmnt toys and mod em'
pwn3rcopter2 years ago
Ooh, im inspired! Soundwave mp3 player with ravager flash drive to store music!
kvnfln90003 years ago
maybe a modded cassette for the headphones with copper contacts in the slot and on the cassette?
Joe carr (author)  kvnfln90003 years ago
That's a great idea! I had a plan to try and shrink the earphone jack so that it might be possible to fit a cassette, but this is a better solution. I think I will totally incorporate this into my design
DeceptibotX3 years ago
I might actually have to use this idea. Any chance of a video of you creating this?
Joe carr (author)  DeceptibotX3 years ago
Unfortunately, I did not take any videos. But I do encourage you to attempt it. For me, it was a fun and rewarding project! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Sweet! I might have to do this my own way, though (not good at following some written instructions). Might try with Soundwave (I'm a 'Con). Seriously, good work! We need more people with that kind of ingenuity on this planet.
na ima try megatron
Really? I'd think that Blaster and Soundwave would make the most sense because they both turn into tape decks.
soundwaves not a tapedeck hes a tank :3
In Gen1, he's a tapedeck. He would transform into one and play messages when Ravage or Lasor Beak collected audio files of the Autobot plans. In Transformers : Prime, he doesn't really transform into anything (maybe a jet, can't remember) but he plays audio files.
its a tank in prime and the games
makerguyyup3 years ago
This is such a creative project - and really quite simple.

I especially like that you detailed out the steps so well with excellent pictures.

It really makes a difference between a neat instructable and a really fantastic instructable

Good Job
TheMaker8883 years ago
sick, i have that transformer..
i found it years ago at a yard sale, when i was a wee lad :)
gnome9073 years ago
This is amazing.......nice job...super impressed
monsterlego3 years ago
Ooh, cool.
isaboa3 years ago
this is AWESOME

You did a great job modding blaster without doing any damage. Just some minimal shaving

well done!