Picture of Transformers Optimus Prime Paper Toy
This is my first instructable, so please bear with me!
Any problems, suggestions, feel free to comment (I'm sure you will anyway.)

First you'll have to download and print off the PDF on an A4 sized page.
It's set up so if you print the second page on the back of the first page, the two sides of the designs line up.

Hopefully the printed out design will be fairly self explanatory, you cut all of the outside lines, and then fold all of the inside lines. It doesn't matter which way the folds are, as they will all have to bend both ways. I used a stiff card, but I'm sure paper is fine too.


1 x printed out PDF file on A4 paper/card.
1 x sharp knife.
1 x paper glue

1 x cutting mat
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Step 1: Folded

Picture of Folded
Optimus Prime 8.jpg
Optimus Prime 9.jpg
Optimus Prime 10.jpg
Here he is , folded up in truck form.

I made the model, and then thought to take photos later, but hopefully it's easy so far.

Step 2: Transforming the model.

Picture of Transforming the model.
The main parts of the model do not need glue, it should sit nicely in one piece.

Make the Transformer noise with mouth here.

Step 3: Transforming the model continued...

Picture of Transforming the model continued...
Fold the bottom of the truck over, to reveal the head.

The head is glued onto the top of the robot side and only the tabs of the head should be glued shut, especially the front tab above Optimus' face.

Step 4: Transforming the model continued...

Picture of Transforming the model continued...
Fold all tabs inwards.

Step 5: Transforming the model continued...

Picture of Transforming the model continued...
Insert the tabs into the back slots to complete.

Step 6: Finished.

Picture of Finished.
Optimus Prime 3.jpg
Optimus Prime 1.jpg
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tublu.das.3910 months ago

faltu model

This is awesome
kewlbanana5 years ago
 where can you get the PDF to print this out?
maxwolf6 years ago
cute considering making one no limbs? still cute. very good job
Mark Leggett (author)  maxwolf6 years ago
The limbs are printed on the sides, this was just intended as a basic quick thing for me to do for fun :)
TFElite6 years ago
Hi! This is rally cool. I love Transformers, but I was wondering, do you have to flip the paper in any certain way to align it on the back?
Mark Leggett (author)  TFElite6 years ago
It should work ok as is, although if you go to a print shop, just tell them exactly how you want it and they should be able to sort it out. Cheers!
jamesdaking6 years ago
im currently designing a paper transformer of my own. If you think i should post the model just let me know.
Mark Leggett (author)  jamesdaking6 years ago
Of course you should post it!
I am still working on it but when i am done i will post it
Mark Leggett (author)  jamesdaking6 years ago
Give us a clue as to who it is...
philyo6 years ago
hi can you make an animated bumblebee paper transformer
Mark Leggett (author)  philyo6 years ago
If I get time I will try! I'm sure it will be better than this one too.
My little boy LOVES Transformers, and that is what we are doing for his 7th Birthday. I think this is awesome - thank you so much for sharing!
Mark Leggett (author)  my4babyducks6 years ago
Can you make an animated paper transformer
Do you mean like the new animated show?
Gage9877 years ago
I am having a little trouble making it I don't know if I should use one or two pieces of copy paper and I think I should use thick paper not copy paper
Mark Leggett (author)  dragonjohn74457 years ago
Depends what the problem is I guess, I used a stiff paper on mine. Let me know what's going wrong and I'll try my best to help out.
well I don't how to print something one just one piece of paper and when I tried to make it on copy paper it looked realy dumb becuse I had to iprovise by useing tape
Mark Leggett (author)  dragonjohn74457 years ago
That's a tough one to troubleshoot, I am having a bit of trouble understanding the problem. The model is designed to be printed (double sided) onto a single sheet of paper, A4 if I can remember rightly. If you can be more specific I'll try my best to help, but it's a bit hard when I can't see it.
what would happen if you glued both teplates that where printed on copy paper together one more thing will u please try to make a megatron
Mark Leggett (author)  dragonjohn74457 years ago
If the problem is getting the template printed double sided, then printing two and sticking them back to back will work just fine. I am surprised that noone made a Bumblebee or Megatron like this one, but much better. I have an idea for another one altogether to make when I get the time. It's not megatron, so feel free to tackle that one, I'd love to see whatever you come up with. Good luck!
knarx7 years ago
The ability to transform is outstanding. Thanks.
=SMART=7 years ago
hey thats pretty cool !!
i made one for the instructables robot =
Mark Leggett (author) 7 years ago
Have a look at this, a simply amazing Transformer movie Bumblebee, made from paper.

Prepare your socks to get blown right off your feet.

Bad ass. My nephew loves transformers and I may try to make this one for him.
xoxkitty7 years ago
i printed this out on regular paper and it went all funny the colours and stuff arent even the same :( can someone please help me? i really want to make this
Mark Leggett (author)  xoxkitty7 years ago
That sucks! Is it your printer by any chance? I always get everything printed out at a print shop, and have good results, nothing like all the colours being weird. Maybe try printing it out on a friends printer, or somewhere else, just to make sure it's not the printer. Let me know how you get on!
where is the rest of it?
fortgeorge8 years ago
Hah nice job! My nephew likes it alot, and I've only had to print like 10, he keeps playing with them too hard. 8/
Mark Leggett (author)  fortgeorge8 years ago
Awesome. Did you experience any problems with constructing the templates?
Hope, he's 11 so he was pretty good at it. Kind of cool sharing something I loved as a kid with him.

He wants to do the paper robot 1999 one now. =\
Wow! This is pretty cool. :) Haha, now I'm gonna print one out for my boyfriend. He'd be really amused by this.
I was right. He was amused. xD "Autobox, transform and fold out!"
Mark Leggett (author)  teh darkcloud8 years ago
That's awesome, and thanks for letting me know.
Whaleman8 years ago
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