Step 12: Cooling

Picture of Cooling
Of all the cardboard costumes I've seen, very few people address just how hot it can get wearing one of these. Cardboard is an excellent insulator. This can work in your favor or against you. To make it work for you, finding a way to keep the temperature inside the costume cool is crucial, and not as hard as it might seem. A little goes a long way. To keep the temperature inside manageable, I used chemical ice packs. They not only get instantly cool, but you can avoid the condensation mess, and because you are in a insulated box, the cooler temperatures go a long way. In addition to the chemical ice packs, I have two personal battery fans that are fastened with velcro on the inside of the costume. The cold air from the ice pack would get recirculated into the costume through the fans. The ice pack cost $4, and I got the fans from Amazon.com for $12 a piece.
Incrxtc (author) 2 years ago
The packs do sweat a bit, but it's not enough to warp the cardboard. I had it in a spot that had a couple of layers. For this costume, I needed it. Even though it was cold outside, this costume fits pretty tight and there is not a lot of circulation so it was a must. My guess is that try on your finished costumes and if they are fine, skip it, but if not, you can easily add it in later.
did you find the condensation from the ice pack messed or warped the cardboard? i know how hot cardboard suits can get, but im wondering how much the fans actually helped you? im debating about putting the fans in the bigger costumes if you really think they made a significant difference.
this is ingenius! i made a superman lego costume out of cardboard and i was sweating like i was in a sauna.. great idea!
Wo0kiE4 years ago
D00M994 years ago
This is a wonderful system! I thought no one noticed...
I do do a few cardboard costumes and it does get HOT!!!!
cvill5 years ago
The cooling system is genius! Too bad I can't make one of these. I'm having a hard time with small scale models already. ;-)