I made this several years back, when the Transformers moive was in the theaters. I gutted an old stereo speaker for the speaker and wire. The body is made of thick cardboard and painted.

Step 1: Partially Open

The sides open downward to form the legs. The head is pulled up and the arms at its sides.

Step 2: Standing Upright

The robot standing up. For fun, I added a light sensing circut taken from a third-hand toy I bought at the flea market. It goes "OWWWW" when somebody walks in front of it and I actually use it as a speaker for my radio.

Step 3: Side View

Side view. Like I said , it works as a speaker.
good<br /> :)<br /> <br />
look cool but make it a slideshow...<sup>it does not tell us how to make it</sup><br/> <br/>
Sorry about that, but I stated that I made this several years back, and I didn't have a computer then, much less ever heard of this site, so making an Instructable never occurred to me.
Instead of making an Instructable, you could post the images in a slideshow.
OK, we can see what it looks like, but you haven't shown <em>us how to make it</em> (which should have been the point of doing this)<br/><br/>L<br/>
Cool...but if you could do it remotely or if it did it when you got too close...Now that would be awesome.
Also, it should play shooting sounds and fire lasers at you.

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