Introduction: Transforming 8 Point Ninja Star

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Step 1:

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You need 8 square pieces of paper

Step 2:

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Fold paper in half

Step 3:

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Fold in half diagonally both ways

Step 4:

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Fold 2 top corners to half line

Step 5:

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This step is the hardest fold you have to push the triangle between the two lines in

Step 6:

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This is what you get

Step 7:

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Once you get all eight you put it together

Step 8:

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To put it together you put one in the other and fold the flaps down

Step 9:

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Put them all together and it will form a circle

Step 10:

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Transforming it is easy you slide or push the two sides together and the other sides until it looks like a star. Now yer done


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dway95 (author)2013-11-26

Nice job!! I like all the colors:)

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