We've all had a few times when we can't find our gloves or scarf before heading out the door. Maybe they've fallen out of our pockets or we've just misplaced them.

How many times have we sent the kids to school all bundled up only to have them come home with one glove and no scarf?

Well with this hat bag you'll never go looking again!
It's a hat that turns into a bag large enough to store your gloves, mittens, earmuffs & a scarf!  

Take you hat off when you get indoors, pull out the bottom and store ALL your winter items inside. 
Then use the draw string to hang your bag on the same hook or hanger where your coat is!  Next time your headed out
everything is ready to go and the bag turns back into a hat in seconds!

A Good idea? I thought so.

Step 1: Simple--SIMPLE Supply List

1 yard of fleece.  This will make two large adult hats.  It also  depends upon individual head measurements and the width of the                                          fleece you purchase, it mostly comes in 60'' widths.  I'll explain more on head measurements in the next step.
Yard stick or ruler
1 yard of cording (approximately)
5 inches more or less of  trim, webbing, elastic, braiding (almost anything will do) this is for the "pull" loop in the bottom of the bag.
Machine & matching thread.
Scrap of thin weight fabric for casing, you can use the fleece but it makes the tossel bulkier.                            
<p>Great idea!</p>
<p>A Stupendously fantabulously fantastic idea!</p>
<p>Thank You for the great comments! It's wonderful to hear!</p>
Very slick idea. I like it.
I love love love this idea! I especially like it for my grand kids . It would make a great gift.
<p>Very clever idea! </p>

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