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I will show you how to make a lunch box that transforms into a table.

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Wood preferably not ply


Hinges with screws

Tape measure

Wood glue


something to cut the wood with

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Draw out with pencil the dimensions for you lunch box.

IMPORTANT: Leave some extra wood for when you mess up

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Draw out where you're going to cut on the wood.

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Take a pet break.

Step 5: STEP:5

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Cut the wood.

Step 6: STEP:6

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Glue the sides together.

*You can do this first then cut the wood.

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Drill holes for the screws then screw the hinges into the legs and the top of the "box"

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Attach the lids to the rest of the box.

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mtbike2 (author)2017-03-10

Just a tip to help in cutting straight lines with a jig saw. Set a ruler on the edge of the foot plate and get it parallel to your line then cut away. It wil give you a nice straight line

pksanchez01 (author)mtbike2 2017-03-14

thanks for the tips

mtbike2 (author)mtbike2 2017-03-10

tape will also help prevent some of that tear out you have on the plywood

nearboston (author)2017-03-09

I see a box, don't see a table

erana_reborn (author)nearboston2017-03-09


Swansong (author)2017-03-07

Looks neat :)

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