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Lets create a Ninja star that can move!

Step 1:

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Fold a sheet diagonally, then repeat for opposite side

Step 2:

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Fold sheet in half

Step 3:

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Rotate paper so that the line is vertical and fold each top corner inward so that they both lie on the vertical line

Step 4:

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Then fold paper in half, and then tuck in the corner inwards towards the bottom

Step 5:

Repeat steps 1-4 for remaining sheets

Step 6:

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Set up the sheets in a circle if using alt. colors

Step 7:

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: Grab

two sheets and grab. Then hold the two pieces with them both facing the same direction but have the sheet on the right have the 2 flaps open so you can align the left sheet’s edge vertically so that the left sheet is seated into the piece to the left.

Step 8:

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There should be abscess paper on the right and left,

so what are you are basically going to do is fold each abscess towards you over the right piece one at a time.

Step 9:

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Then tuck in both the folded tips into the right piece, then

closed the two folds on the right and crease it to create stability

Step 10:

Repeat step 9

Step 11:

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For the 7th piece take the tip of it and slide it between the 2 flaps of the 6th piece (make sure the tip goes in between the 2 flaps you previously tucked in). Then fold each abscess towards you over the right piece.

Step 12:

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Swansong (author)2017-11-14

That's a fun design :)

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