Introduction: Transforming Old Pallets Into a Garden Bench

Having some spare wood you just can't throw away? Well, that's just fine and dandy as you can use it to make yourself a nice garden bench. All you need is the wood, a few pallets and some nails. Well a wood polisher and sandpaper would be nice if you want it to be fancy, but they are not necessary.

Step 1: Arrange the Pallets in the Form of Your Future Bench

Use them as a "skeleton" for your bench. If they are too width/long, cut them in half.

Step 2: Nailing

Nail the wood planks to form a stable bench.

Step 3: Finish

After you are done you can use the sandpaper to make it smoother .. if you wish. After that all you need is a cold one to enjoy the fruit of your work.


seamster (author)2015-04-21

That's a great looking bench! Looks like a perfect place to have a drink and a chat. Very nice!

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