Picture of Transforming Paper Star
Here you can learn how to make a Octagon turn into a deadly throwing star!

What you need, 8 square pieces of paper, i used 8 3.5" pieces.
Some folding skills, Mine are some mad skills.

I have some videos Uploaded but i dont have sounds on them so ill run how to do it in steps.

Step 1: Lets Begin the basic folds

Picture of Lets Begin the basic folds
Heres the first step

fold the paper in half, then fold it across in both directions.
Open the paper back up.
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Hitman2274 years ago
Did you use a 3.5" x 3.5" piece of paper?
Wiimote Master (author)  Hitman2273 years ago
You can use any square piece of paper. I once made one using 10x10" paper
charris4nrz3 years ago
I skip step one
Krayzi994 years ago
the flaps dont stay
5120035 years ago
does it change when its flyin
gman2165 years ago
dont work it doesnt stay together when you put it as an octogon 0*
you have to fold thoughs top points into the octogon, see step 3.
how did you know me
Wiimote Master (author)  nobear5 years ago
ttime5 years ago
I dont get it on step 2. how to fold it inward and get the diamond shape. Im also on dail-up so i cant watch the videos.
Wiimote Master (author)  ttime5 years ago
Main thing i can say is just look at the pictures a bit more. What part would you say your stuck on? The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th picture?

 i am stuck on the 4th part

Wiimote Master (author)  nobear5 years ago
4th part on what step? There's 3 steps. Narrow it down alittle more. 
scarydude66 years ago
how do you keep the flaps from getting out of place?
Wiimote Master (author)  scarydude66 years ago
Once you fold the flaps over they pretty much stay in place.
where are your videos at?
Wiimote Master (author)  minion6546 years ago
Right under the pictures, their titled. P9110638.mov and P9110639.mov. Just click them to download.
how do you get the last one in without messing up the others it looks really cool ..... well what i have does
najeff6 years ago
someone else already showed that
GENIUS!!6 years ago
this is the best instructable i ever saw and its pretty cool!!
I made one of mine out of sheet metal/
yuttttttty6 years ago
hard to make
coldfrezDJ7 years ago
C:\Documents and Settings\Donovan\My Documents\My Pictures\0511.jpg
you stole my pic!!!
sorry not urs it is all over the internet
I saw one of those. do you live in the farmington area?
diablo1326 years ago
Me don't understand!!1 =0
Wiimote Master (author)  diablo1326 years ago
I have uploaded a new picture to help you.
hay thx i finnaly got... that really helped thx again + they are fun to make with consturction paper cause like mine was 2 feet
iMonkey12077 years ago
lol cool star... okay...i've just attempted to make of of these and it turn out....weird...like...i can get the spiky sides...but i get the the inner seciton....mine just looks like a spiky donut....
Wiimote Master (author)  iMonkey12077 years ago
Make sure you've aligned the pieces like the ones shown in the first picture.
i need help with picture 2 i don't get what you do???
Wiimote Master (author)  ~INVENTOR~6 years ago
I've uploaded more and better pictures to help you and a few others understand. Tell me if you still don't get it.
mmmmmmmmmm......donuts....... wiked star! ilove it! rate: 4.5/5
I just don't get it
Wiimote Master (author)  no swear-man6 years ago
If your still having trouble and youve watched both videos so me a picture of what your having trouble with and ill try to help you as best i can.
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