So as my followers may be aware, I'm getting more into playing pool ( two little 'ibles in chalk holders, links at bottom ok the page). So in that spirit I have conceived perhaps the greatest cue rest imagined! I present the transforming cue rest. It folds up compact, to fit in a cue case and is used on bar tables to hold your cue while not in use. This is my own original design.

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A video of it in action can be found here:


Other instructables I referenced earlier on chalk holders can be found:




Step 1: Tools & Materials


Table saw
Belt sander
Drill press
Scroll saw
Punch set
Hack saw
Tape measure
Drill bits


1/4" x 4" x12" wood (I used alder)
3/4" African hard woods
Wood glue
1/8" brass rod
3/8" brass rod
Wood finishing producers
Sand paper
2 part epoxy
Thanks man! I'll keep an eye out for your stuff too.
nice to see another pool enthusiast on instructables! I've been playing for years. I've got a little instructable related to pool on my page. great work indeed!
The squeeky wheel gets the grease! I have noticed that the time of day and day of week play a part in getting the projects featured too. I'm guessing more often then not the editors of these pages are very busy! I thought this project was feature worthy too, thanks. let's just hope I get enough votes to make it prize worthy! Or the rubberband gun I designed, that thing is pretty nifty!
sure got my vote!
​I have always wanted to learn more about electronics, my knowledge is limited to "LEDs and 555 chips lol. If I run into a issue getting my better projects featured I typically send a mail to some one, very humbley, asking why it was not featured and what I can do in the future to provide better content and get it featured. In fact this project seemed like it had got over looked and I sent an email (very humbly)asking if it had any issues.
Just like pool practice makes perfect!I qwill be joining a league hopefully this summer. I have been wondering why some of my stuff wasbbeing overlooked. Gets frustrating after a while but doesn't keep me from making stuff. Hopefully my new instructable is feature worthy. Just waiting for the parts. Your instructable was definitely feature worthy!
I have a few billiards related 'ibles! More to come! Thank you I really dig this cue rest! Hey, you have some really cool stuff on your page!<br>
I like the chalk holder! Im subbing to you for sure! Thanks! Not a lot of my stuff gets noticed as much as I hoped but if one person likes it then that is all that matters
<p>great build, im a billiards lover myself, it looks like your rear block is big enough to cut out a small section just big enough for a table chalk or possibly put a spot on the bottom of the piece where when you close it for storage it would slide over the top of the chalk closing it in </p>
Thank you! Pool is a great sport/game! As to your question about the chalk, yes! And it was considered, but I personally did not need it. One of my other 'ibles is on a chalk holder! So I use that. Great observation though, thank you! Please vote too!
Very neat idea.
Thanks! I'm glad you guys like it!
<p>This is really cool. Great work. </p>
Thank you very much! Please don't forget to vote!
very cool. definitely going to make this.
Thank you! If this does well then I'll build a few other designs I came up with. I'd love to see a picture of your build so please share! One tip though, reinforce the connection point at the tip of the arms. It is a weak point. Thanks again, and please vote when it gets approved into the contests I entered it into.

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Bio: I enjoy building things and being creative.
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