Picture of Transforming Post-It Note Ninja Star
This is an 8 point ninja star that you can make out of any 8 pieces of square paper (Post-it notes are just convenient and about the right size)

P.S. Sorry about the Purple Post-its but I didn't think the yellow would provide much contrast, and please disregard the incorrect time stamps.

P.P.S. this is my first Instructable so be gentle. ;þ

Step 1: The Prep

Picture of The Prep
You will need 8 Post-it notes for each star and with each you will be making the following shape.

Start by folding the Post-it note (sticky part on the top) in half away from the sticky side then flatten it back out

Then fold the 2 sticky corners to the center (like making a paper air plane) this should cover the sticky area so it wont be a pain later. Now fold in half along the crease

The next step is not hard but it's kinda hard to explain via text so hopefully the video or images will do it, but basically you are going to valley fold the square end into it's self so you end up with a sorta wonky diamond.

Now repeat 7 more times.

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That is just NARLY !!! (:
JWulfe4 years ago
LOL! Someone is auctioning these off on Listia.
cooljs4 years ago
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!soo cooOOOOOl :)
KINGNUTZ904 years ago
i just got done making my first one and it works amazingly. i had so much fun making it. thanx to whoever made the print out instructions =)
i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wuhw, thats awesome! guna hav 2 make more!
brainiac1204 years ago
MY STAR IS JACKED UP IT WONT GO IN FULLY WTH DID I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jklujm4 years ago
During construction, I can't get it to stay together!!!
thebomb7455 years ago
when i push in it crumples up wat did i do wrong?
TabLeft (author)  thebomb7455 years ago
probably nothing,you just have to be kinda careful when pushing it in the first time... just don't push to hard and try it from a few different spots it should work out.
T8tersalid5 years ago
When I push on the sides, it just crumples up. What did I do wrong?
TabLeft (author)  T8tersalid5 years ago
probably nothing,you just have to be kinda careful when pushing it in the first time... just don't push to hard and try it from a few different spots it should work out.
jayzeerox5 years ago
OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!!! i gonna make a lot!!! also, wouldn't it be cool if u had 7 rainbow colors and one white? :D
TabLeft (author)  jayzeerox5 years ago
well if you wanted to split the spectrum up you could do


and have a fairly accurate repeating color wheel

really cool! When i was building it, it didn't look right. I realized that it only had 7 points!
jumpertoad5 years ago
you did so good! i did this 2! with purple sticky notes also!
luv it so much
pgdarth955 years ago
Very nice, I think the steps are very clear.
Thank You!
took me forever but is great. my family members are drooling at my feet.
orenhero5 years ago
daninja6 years ago
Thank you! This instructables is great!! Oh, and BTW, i am an experienced origami maker so you know im serious.
daninja6 years ago
FOLLOW THE PICTURES!!!! the bottom fold is an inside reverse fold.
very nice
nichoja6 years ago
now i get it lol
nichoja6 years ago
i dont get step one on part 4. how do you get the rombus shape???
Gamer9176 years ago
if you throw it hard enough, centrifugal force will transform it
Hey its a PARALELLAGRAM. but ive got and easier way to do it
SnowQueen6 years ago
Step 2 is confusing Can you explain it better to me?
I put tabs on and it always falls apart.
ratna6 years ago
i made 4 yesterday and 2 today!

luv it
ratna6 years ago
guudy guudygreaty teayddfjihjgtl,
jongsong8 years ago
cool cool i stole like 120 pink , yellow , blue ,and black square sheets from my teacher lol i made one out of blue and yellow and now every one in school wants them so now im charging lol
ratna jongsong6 years ago
LOL..how much?
drake jongsong7 years ago
LOL!!!!!!!! that is the same thing that happened to me I charge them .50 cents per star. And now they want to know how to make it
TabLeft (author)  jongsong8 years ago
haha nice
bunnboarder8 years ago
its fun but its hard to keep together any tips on that?
use larger paper
ratna DeriemD6 years ago
actually, i use post its
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