Picture of Transforming a Changing Table Into a Display Case
Years ago, we bought a "Sniglar" Ikea changing table (photo in the next step). The frame was made of very nice beech wood bars, so, when our babies became potty trained, I stored all pieces of the table somewhere...

I am also a modest collector of vintage pocket computers and calculators. This year, with a friend, we decided, for the Advent, to show each day in turn a piece of our respective collections.

To display our joined collection nicely, I decided to transform the changing table into a display case. The former table consisted of two frames, each one with an MDF board, held by a groove into the frame. So it was mostly a matter of replacing one board by a glass plate, and putting the frames together.

Instead of using a "Sniglar" Ikea table, I guess that two large drawers could be used too.

The result is a surprisingly high quality stylish display case. It is quite heavy and very stable, hence rather meant for standing than wall-mounted.

And last but not least it is back-lit by LED bands!

Step 1: Needed Stuff

Picture of Needed Stuff
For the frame:
  • the Sniglar Ikea changing table. Or two large drawers. Hard wood bars will do it too.
For the shelves:
  • One plate of plastic, 3 mm thick.
  • L-profiled soft wood bars
  • Hard wood bars
  • Shelf supports
For the door:
  • Glass plate, cut to size by the shop
  • Hinges. Ideally, hinges that can be sunken. This way, the frame can stand on the side with the hinges.
For the lights:
  • LED bands, and dedicated power supply
  • Some electronics wires
  • Break-away male connectors
  • Stripboard (small area, possibly leftovers)
For the finish:
  • Spray paint, linseed oil, a few screws.
dr_peru7 months ago

nice project! why did i just find this now?

agis683 years ago
wow how many calculators/organizers...they deserve a good place
imamathguy3 years ago
I am very impressed at the resourcefulness. Excellent.
laxap (author)  imamathguy3 years ago
Thank you. Furniture made of pieces of massive hard wood are seldom enough (esp. at Ikeas) to refuse to just throw them away.
ilpug3 years ago
With all due respect, that is a very geeky hobby. It is also awesome. I love the case, it is very simple and looks great!
laxap (author)  ilpug3 years ago
Thank you. I am fortunate to have a work colleague sharing the same hobby: I don't have enough calculators to fill the advent calendar alone (Xmas pictures added).
mikeasaurus3 years ago
You should enter this in the Foam Challenge!