Step 2: You Are Now Spoiled for Choice...

Now that you have boring old you know what, you have so many choices ahead of you. How are you going to transform it into something amazing (with bleach.
Choice One: You can pretend you are doing a rainbow swirl tie-dye https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-tie-dye-an-old-white-shirt-or-a-new-shirt-/ and place the shirt face down, place a dowel rod in the center and twirl it anti or clockwise to achieve "pie", and put rubber bands on to hold its shape
<p>Most of black and white bleaching creams are cheap and ok, but sometimes they just don't work as you wish. http://blackwhitebleachingreview.com/</p>
How do u get the arrow design?
Go to this link and I'll show you how!<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-do-the-lightning-fold-when-bleaching-old-bl/">https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-do-the-lightning-fold-when-bleaching-old-bl/</a><br/>
did it sucessfully but not happy with the orange black halloween dress look
This is the lightning fold see<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-do-the-lightning-fold-when-bleaching-old-bl/">https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-do-the-lightning-fold-when-bleaching-old-bl/</a><br/>for the instructions<br/>
Very cool! How do you get the patter of the one next to the diagonal (the "tiger" one)?
<p>How do you do the design in the big picture after the diagonal one with the splotches. (the one that is kinda like fanning out from the center) ?</p>
How can u make it actually white instead of brown or Grey? And once I do get it white(if I do) can I use another color on the white areas? I'm trying to do this with a black shirt but need yellow and white on it. Please someone help.... Thanks
<p>Do it in reverse i think is the only way.... tie dye a white shirt black then put colour in the remaining white parts? :)</p>
<p>It's Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing this. World appears beautiful for these reasons! I'll try it for sure and would place it here as well. </p>
Thanks for your pictures and instructions! I have tried to do the same with bleach on a black shirt. I did not get your beautiful results because I was too impatient. I kept adding more bleach until I see the black shirt changes colour.. I did get beautiful tie die results for a split second before ugly holes start to appear and the whole shirt falls apart. We should follow the proportion of water and bleach you provided!
So would this not work for synthetics? I kind of want to try it with a pair of basketball shorts.
wow, awesome results!
If you want additionnal spotty effect, when you take the shirt out of the bleach, lay it down flat on a table (outside!) and sprinkle straight vinegar on it.<br/><br/>The vinegar reacts violently with the bleach and burns deep spots in the fabric. <br/><br/>WARNING: This releases *very* nasty fumes, do it outside!<br/>
this also works with ammonia.
if you mix bleach with ammonia....................wow just don't...... you'll die
&nbsp;anyone know the actual chemical reaction taking place? To cause&nbsp;the&nbsp;toxicity?&nbsp;
According to Wikipedia: &quot;Mixing with chlorine-containing products or strong oxidants, such as household bleach, can lead to hazardous compounds such as chloramines&quot; (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloramine). Ammonia is generally irritating to mucous membranes such as in the eyes, nose, sinus, lungs, mouth, etc. Exposure to industrial strength ammonia for 30 minutes or more is considered hazardous to human respiratory health and injurious to the lungs. The fumes produced when ammonia and chlorine mix creates a gaseous release of compounds with even greater toxicity. In conclusion: DON'T MIX AMMONIA WITH BLEACH.
No, but seriously, don't. You will die.<br />
NEVER mix bleach and ammonia !!! VERY toxic !!! I KNOW someone who DIED that way !!! I am serious !!!
viniger is easier 2 get tho
what if i add a colour corant to the bleach and water solution? Would the dye be for example blue instead of the bleach stain colour?
No - only because bleach removes color from anything. If your dye is in the same solution as the bleach, the bleach'll suck the color right out of it! <br><br>But, if you dye the shirt a color afterward, the places you've bleached will be extra thirsty and be very receptive to color!<br><br>Cool idea
Well thank you very much ;D<br>I'll try it.
what type of bleach do you use?
thanks cool shirt
any way to keep all the &quot;holes&quot; black, makin 'em look like bullet holes?
&nbsp;oh...and also, the bigger the &quot;object&quot;, like the marble, the bigger the circle?
I&nbsp;reaaally like the first one in the second row of pictures... you should do a tutorial for that one!!&nbsp;pleeease<br />
Way cool! I can't wait to try this! <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; -K.K
Can you bleach tie dye with a brown shirt?
Great instructable - thanks! Just a quick tip to add: When you remove the shirt from the bleach mixture, it's a good idea to rinse it first in water, then in water with vinegar added. The vinegar neutralizes the bleach to make sure it doesn't keep working. cheers, julie
Thanks, that's a good idea.
Very cool! How do you get the design of the one next to the diagonal, the tiger stripy looking one?
I was thinking of tie-dying a pair of boxers into the Union Jack. It'll be hard to exclude the different places where I only want one colour. Perhaps I wont go tie-dye. Make a wooden rig eg in the red cross shape, get that on, then make an a rig with a load of triangles around the cross to make the blue trianles. Start with a white pair, so then I've the the union jack! Hmm, doesn't sound to hard, etiher.
If you find out how to do it, post it, as I would love to do a Union Jack! I have tie dyed an American flag using red and dark blue. That's fairly easy. However with the Brit flag, just a sufggestion - instead of using wood rig you could sew the shapes in somehow. Maybe fabric paint on a shirt would be the way to go, as then you could see what you are doing and have more control over the result.
The place with the supplies and the knowledge to make any kind of tie dye you'd want is Dharma Trading (google it, they're online). I believe the way they'd have you make a Union Jack is to have you scrunch the shirt slightly, then mix the right color (or colour, since it's British) dye with a gel medium to thicken it. Use the thickened dye as if it were paint, and paint the scrunched up tee shirt. Naturally, you'd have to be careful about how you did the scrunching.
Good idea! I love Dharma Trading, and that's where I buy all my dyes - they are the best.
-I don't know if this will help any, but once when I was in college I bleached out a pair of jeans, and I stapled some parts to make a design. Maybe that would work. Although, come to think of it, it might be hard on a t-shirt pulling all of those staples out. :) Just a thought.
Here's a picture of one of the "hint" of American flag shirts I did last year. There was a better one, but I can't find it! Someone splashed a bit of green on the front (one of the problems when dying with a group)
does any dark color work because i want to try some of my old brown shirts. They arn't very dark but i just wanna know if it could work before i destroy them.
it should work, and the shirts will be brown and lighter brown.
I used to have a pair of black underwear... then <em>somebody</em> accidentally spilled bleach on them. Now they're black and orange HALLOWEEN ALL YEAR ROUND!!<br/>
I accidentally spilled multiple spots of some "mildew remover" (bleach) on a shirt I was wearing. It didn't looked bleached until it went through the wash. Over time, the fibers deteriorated and my white-splotched shirt became my holey shirt. Be careful will bleach.
You are so right!
Cool! :-) A couple of them remind me of Army camouflage!
how do you do the one where it has the three circles and the lines diagonally across? thanks in advance
You scrunch diagonally from one corner to the sleeve opposite in pleats and rubber band round. Then you take some marbles and put them in the other corners and band them an then dip in the bleach solution.

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