Transforming a Pants Into a Unisex Bag!




Introduction: Transforming a Pants Into a Unisex Bag!

Step 1: Cut the Pants According to the Dotted Lines As Shown in the Picture.


Step 2: Turn the Shorts Inside Out. So That After Sewing It, the Strings Wont Be Seen on the Outer Side of the Bag.


Step 3: Sew the Sides and the Bottom of the Shorts So That It Will Be Able to Hold Things Inside.


Step 4: Cut 2-3 Strips Out From the Remaining Pants.


Step 5: Sew 2 Strips of the Cloth Together So That It Is Long Enough.


Step 6: Cut 2 Strips for the End of the Sling to Be Sewn Onto the Bag.


Step 7: Turn the Sewn Short Pants Back to It's Velvet Surface.


Step 8: Sew the Sling Onto the Sides of the Bag and We Are Done!




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