Introduction: Transforming an Old Lamp in a Beautiful Penguin

In this article, we will create a beautiful penguin with a old lamp.

Step 1: The Materials

1 - Copper Wire
2 - Ink
3 - Brush
4 - Pliers

Step 2: The Base

With copper wire and pliers, build a base with the format of the photos and adjust the lamp

Step 3: The Penguin

With the black ink, make the body of the penguin
(image 1)

With the white ink, make the body of the penguin
(image 2)

Step 4: Ending

Finish the penguin painting the face, add a small cap to give the most charm.




porcupinemamma made it!(author)2009-05-21

very nice.

lemonie made it!(author)2009-02-15

You could hang these on the Christmas tree? L

ve2vfd made it!(author)2009-02-14

Thats cool! I think it would make a fantastic Xmas ornament!

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