Step 2: How to Remove the Mower Deck

Picture of How to Remove the Mower Deck
TIP: Removing the deck is needed to attach the snow blade and increases ground clearance
1. Park mower on level ground
2. Lower the deck
3. Remove front attachment bar - IMAGE 1
     • Pull and rotate pin LH and RH side
     • Unhook from front of deck
4. Slide deck to rear of mower until touching rear tires
5. Unhook deck from height adjustment bars - IMAGE 2
     • LH and RH side
6. Remove PTO - IMAGE 3
     • Slide collar forward to disengage from shaft
     • TIP: Easier to do on LH side
7. Rotate guide wheels for the deck to roll out from under mower - IMAGE 4
     • Pull spring pin
     • Rotate wheel
     • Release pin into proper hole designation
8. With everything from mower unhooked from deck, slide deck from LH side to RH side
     • TIP: Removing deck from LH to RH is easier because of the deck design
9. Set deck aside - IMAGE 5
     • TIP: Place deck inside and out of the winter weather to prevent wear
MomOf3Es3 years ago
I'm hoping that by looking at how you remove on I will be able to put ours on. I didn't see any that were for attaching the mower deck so I hope this will help!