Step 3: How to Install Tire Chains

Picture of How to Install Tire Chains
TIP: Installing tire chains to the rear tires adds traction
1. Place a tire block in front of front tire to prevent roll-away - IMAGE 1
     • TIP: This should be done when raising the rear tires off the ground on any rear wheel drive vehicle/equipment
2. Raise both rear tires off the ground - IMAGE 2
     • Center the floor jack between the rear tires
     • Place the jack underneath rear differential of mower
     • Raise the jack until tires move freely
     • TIP: Work on one tire at a time
3. Separate each tire chains and place one tire chain next to each tire
4. Locate the lock bar on the end of the chain and place away from tire
5. Place the tire chains at the top of the tire letting the chains fall along the side of the tire - IMAGE 3
6. On the inside of the tire, grab the locking link and place inside link of the other end of chains- IMAGE 4
7. On the outside, place locking bar link in same manner of the inside - IMAGE 5
TIP: Tire chains should fit tightly around tires for better performance.  Make adjustments by place the locking bar and locking link farther up the tire chains.
8. Repeat for other tire
9. Lower jack
10. Remove tire block from front tire