Picture of Transforms socks into warmers
When I saw these beige - gray speckled socks I knew I had to have them. They are kids' size but that was exactly what I needed for this project.

This is a simple tutorial how to transform socks into wrist-warmers.

You need a pair of socks.
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Step 1: Cut toes' part

Picture of Cut toes' part
Cut off the toes part.

Step 2: Work on sock

Picture of Work on sock
Turn the sock with the heel part upwards.
Gather the part where the heel is, pin it and hand stitch it.

Step 3: Decorate

Picture of Decorate
Add a decorative button.

Step 4: Stitch some lace

Picture of Stitch some lace
This is important.
You have to insert a tailor's ham inside before you stitch the lace.
If you don't have a tailor's ham insert another pair of socks or a small pillow.
Something that will expand the sock. Then (hand) stitch the lace.

Step 5: You're done

Picture of You're done
Enjoy your new lovely warmers!
Ami97021 year ago
That is just GORGEOUS! <3
Sweet Fancy3 years ago
These are great!
lynsue3 years ago
Great idea Little Treasures! I can see that it can also be from homeless socks and trim rescued from thrift stores =) Great JOB!!!
VinceJDJ3 years ago
This is great! Very creative! XD
Little Treasures (author)  VinceJDJ3 years ago
Thank you Vince!
These are so beautiful! The whole thing just goes together so well: the color of the socks, the lace, the button; perfect :)
I must say I agree! These have been my favourite for the past two years! Thank you on the sweet comment Penolopy
Very pretty!
Little Treasures (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago