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Hello and Welcome to a simple beginners electronic project. Today I am going to show a transistor tester that is used to determine whether a transistor is NPN or a PNP. If its a NPN then the circuit should light up. This also an easy way to tell if your NPN transistors are working and will save you tons of time in the long run.

NPN transistors use the format of EBC which stands for Emitter Base Collector.
PNP transistors use the format of ECB which stands for Emitter Collector Base.


hakuna matata (author)2015-01-08

Where's the circuit please put the circuit

Kante Tech (author)hakuna matata2015-01-11

Use this instructable for an actual circuit.

shparvez001 (author)2013-05-19

Where is circuit???

Kante Tech (author)shparvez0012013-05-19

Use this instructable for an actual circuit.

floxin (author)2012-08-30

The "format" thing is dependent on how you look at the transistor; from the top it will look reversed with respect to a bottom view and even the front views are different (left to right or right to left with respect to some mark or feature that must be specified).
That issue apart, the statement about "NPN transistors using format EBC, etc" is not right. Look at data sheets on an NTE or Digi-Key catalog and it will become obvious. Some vendors put out 5 "formats" for each transistor type because it makes life easier for circuit board designers (they can position transistors at will on the board and not in one pattern only)

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