Transit Card Catapult





Introduction: Transit Card Catapult

What's better than shooting your friends on the bus or subway with a catapult made in about 2 minutes?

Step 1: Materials

1. Transit card(I used a metro card, but if you don't live in New York and can't get hold of one, a business card works, but not quite as well)
2. Scissors
3. Tape or stapler(optional)

Step 2: The First Fold

take the card and fold it in half vertically

Step 3: Second Fold

Now fold it in half horizontally.

Step 4: First Cut

Cut along the horizontal fold, leaving about half an inch at each side

Step 5: Third Fold

Fold the bottom half forward to make it look like a snowplow, and fold the top part the opposite way in the same manner.

Step 6: Last Cut

Cut three lines, two on the very outside of the slit, and one in the middle, on the vertical fold. Now you have created two flaps. Fold these halfway up. They should form a walled platform. If you want, you can tape or staple it together, or just leave it.

Step 7: Fire

Take any somewhat light projectile that will fit on the platform. Place it there. Pull the top part halfway back and release at your chosen target.



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    Pretty cool (could you post a video?)

    thanks. I'll get the video up in a sec.

    The video thing kinda died, because for some reason my camera's not compatible. :-(

    you should have more pictures

    ur pretty cool but can u try to make on tht is small and has a range of 10-20ft and how do u come up with these?


    I kinda just messed around with the card and it worked

    hey I used a baseball card instead and it works great:) thx for the instructions

    it doesn't work the best but keep making more catapults please I like them =)