Picture of Transition Electric Scooter.
This is a more fun version of a zap electric scooter.
Kind of what Segways would be if they were more dangerous: ie fun.

Step 1: Tear your electric zap scooter to pieces.

these things run about $500. i got given one for my birthday and wanted to try something wild. a cheaper way is to buy the 250W motor and battery direct. it'd probably run you $150 and can lead to all types of fun projects.
reddy9763 years ago
what are the needs of this dude... i wants to make it
RamDragon6 years ago
I don't get it. Why does it need to be charged?
it's electric powered,front wheel drive
Bosun Rick6 years ago
If this was my project, I'd consider using an old leaf spring from a salvage yard car. Lots stronger, a little more flex/reflex; but a b!@h to drill mounting holes. I'd also use aluminum blocks to raise the 'trucks' also look at angling the outer ones to eliminate the excess wear on those outer trucks. Great prototype!
scooterking6 years ago
That's cool, it actually kinda looks like this one: http://scooterdirect.com/PerformanceScooters~20.htm
dragonforce6 years ago
CAn i just say theres a much easier way of doing this truck thing.... theres a board called a flow board and it has a bent pole going from one side of the board to the other.. purchasing one of these weird trucks would be alot easier although not nesercarily cheaper
No8wire7 years ago
wow all those wheels seems fun :D haha... but yea is there any "briefcase" models ... foldup ones...?
Awesome idea let see when finish your scooter
crapflinger8 years ago
...i'm confused as to where the power is coming from for forward momentum? are you just rolling down hill? this contraptioni obviously isn't front wheel drive...but you took both rear wheels off and those had to be the drive wheels... if this is just a downhill racer...why use the scooter? not bashing...just wondering..the instructions/project are nice
if you look closley at the front wheel it does look like there is a motor inside but im not sure, if there isn't then it would be very strange to take it apart to make this.
really cool for the oldest still existing instructable
Bluefly8 years ago
I'm pretty sure it is front wheel drive. If you look close, you can see the power cables in a couple of the pictures. It looks like an in-hub motor, and 250W is a common rating for those.
Mr.Devious8 years ago
Crapflinger: I would have to agree with you, why destroy a seemingly new electric scooter?!?!?
Kevvixx8 years ago
This is great I'm gonna build this. But I will build it from a regular scooter, because I don't have that kind
Magicfap8 years ago
this is so cool i have to build this