Translucent Green Furniture





Introduction: Translucent Green Furniture

Translucent Green Twin  Media storage furniture with side island extension...



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    This is very attractive - I like the idea of translucent green. What materials did you use? Have you ever used the corrugated green material? I can visualize your storage furniture - - guess it could be made in any size to fit the space. Look forward to more details.

    Just added more images from different angles...

    Translucent Green Ergonomic furniture Back view R.jpgTranslucent Green Ergonomic furniture Front T-view.jpgTranslucent Green Ergonomic furniture F Isle view.jpgTranslucent Green Ergonomic furniture Top Bird's view.jpgTranslucent Green Ergonomic furniture Back mid view.jpgTranslucent Green Ergonomic furniture Side view Isle side.jpg

    I can add more images , sometimes from different angles, Thanks!