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Introduction: Translucents Hollow Beads- Necklace

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Sharing one way to create the molds for the liquid fimo hollow beads.

How to apply color and make them translucent

Step 1:

Materials used in this poject:

- Water

- Soft natural clay (potters clay)

- Silk stocking

- Cotton

- Toothpick

- Alcohol

- Alcohol markers

epoxy glue

- head pin

- bead cap

- chain

Step 2: Making the Mold

Mix water and soft natural clay to obtain a creamy liquid: Barbotine (ceramic slip)

Using a silk stocking and cotton make the bead mold

Dip the mold in the barbotine and let it dry.

It can air dry in a few hours, or in a few minutes if you use the heat gun.

Step 3: Liquid Polymer Clay Bead and Color

Once dry, cover the mold with a thin layer of liquid fimo and apply heat starting on the top

Apply a second coat and dry it again with the heat gun.

Apply color using alcohol markers and alcohol to obtain the translucent effect.

Make a new layer of liquid fimo and cure it. After that you can add a few more details with color.

Finish the piece with two more coats of liquid polymer clay.

Is important to work in a well-ventilated place.
By using the heat gun Fimo Liquid can release fumes

Step 4: Removing the Mold

Remove the toothpick and cut the silk stocking
Start removing the cotton from the inside. In this first phase don't remove the silk stocking, because it will be stuck to the barbotine To remove the barbotine and the silk stocking, dip the bead in warm water

Step 5: Finishing

You can put water inside the bead to create a more interesting effect (Optional)

Make the top for the bead with a small amount of liquid fimo (2 layers). Make a hole in the center and insert a head pin.

Glue it to the bead using epoxy glue.

Cover the top using a bead cap and mount your necklace.

Step 6: Have Fun!

Create new molds with different shapes and make more necklaces!! :D



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    WOW! What can I say.....

    This is absolutely beautiful, can't wait to try it out^^

    What is liguid fimo

    that is... Amazing

    I love it :)



    how neat, thanks so much--Karen

    really beautiful. so creative. you have more patience than I possess,

    What a great idea.
    Have you experimented with including LED lights?

    Your experimentation reminds me of Tiffany glass in the Haworth Art Gallery in Accrington.
    The work there took on a whole new life when illumination was included. It went from mind blowingly awesome to something that's so amazing it doesn't seem real.

    Hi world of woodcraft! :D

    Thank you for your nice comment! :D

    I haven't tried it with LED lights, but I will!! :D

    I'm sure that it will look great, Thank you for your suggestion!! :D