Recently had my uncle on the riding mower and he hit a branch that slid up into the transmission belt. It got lodged in between and somehow popped the belt off. The belt got chewed up, and in the process broke the plastic transmission fan. I hate paying for people to fix my stuff, so I decided to try it on my own. It wasn't too bad, took me about an hour, and I didn't have any major problems.

Tools you'll need:

Impact Wrench
3/8" Drive Socket Wrench w/ Socket Set
1/2" Breaker Bar
PB Blaster

Step 1:

Step 1:

Turn off the tractor (Duh), Place the PTO lever to “OFF” position. Move the tractor to a level spot, with plenty of clearance on both sides. Make sure the engine has completely cooled down, as you will have arms and hands very close to parts that are hot. Remove the mowing deck from beneath your tractor. Skip to step 2 if you know how to do this.

I do this by dropping the height down to 2 or 3. There is a handle on either side of the tractor with a black rubber grip. You pull this out to disengage the deck. You’ll want to support the deck with your hand, as it will drop down to the floor. After the deck is down, remove the front linkage bar from the front of the tractor. This simply involves taking the cotter pin out, and unscrewing the nut. Get a few plastic bowls or cups or whatever you have to keep nuts and bolts in. Once this is removed, slide the deck to the “left” side of the tractor (Side without the levers). The PTO cable will still be attached. Remove the cotter pin and and pull the cable up and out of the bracket. Detach the spring from the pulley and set the entire cable assembly out of your way. I hooked it onto the seat spring. Normally, you can just push the deck belt down and off the pulley, but we need to remove the belt guard anyway, so we can do that now. There is (1) bolt and (1) nut to remove the guard. (Get a bowl for those parts!)

Push the belt forward and off the pulley. Now the deck is completely detached. Slide it all the way out and get it out of your way. Now would be a good time to have one of your kids start cleaning it.
<p>I need to know where the tensioner spring attaches on a lt 1046 cub cadet riding mower can anyone give me a close up picture. It's the heavier of the two springs.</p>

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