Take this chic transparent clutch out with you for a night on the town!  You can make it in under 10 minutes.

I got the idea for this project from HonestlyWTF.  They have DIY instructions for this project as well.

Step 1: High Fashion

Transparent clutches from top designers. 
<p>look at the original pic she has a small purse inside the clutch?</p>
No offense intended, but a transparent clutch is not the most secure way to store your drivers license or credit card. Maybe you could create some kind of dispenser to store those in?
you could make a smaller one to fit inside one for your money and cards
Reminds me of the bag my wife had to use over 40 years ago at the department store she worked at. If a woman wanted to bring in items from her purse she had to transfer them to a clear bag so security could make sure they didn't leave the floor with store goods.
Ha Ha! Before I opened this, I thought it was clutch as in motor-clutch-gearbox. : D
haha me too i was like what the hell?
Nice design, but I doubt this can be good for personal security - muggers can see what they'll be stealing...
Love it. The one in the link with the ceramic Knob, really appeals. Thanks for this it's now up to me what I make of it. Love it.
like a purce.... i think
Lining the inside with a bit of decorative paper would add a bit of privacy and still leave it looking interesting
Perhaps adding a chain strap? (I know its a clutch, but they often have a chain strap stashed away inside if you need it)<br><br>also, it might make it seem more like a bag, and less like a box you happen to keep stuff in.

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