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Introduction: Transparent Guitar Pick

In this instructable, (which happens to be my first), I will show you how to make an awesome transparent guitar pick out of a few household materials.

The basic idea for making homemade guitar picks is not entirely original, but here I have tweaked the old method to make it sick nasty and see-through. Enjoy!

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Here's what you'll need:

1. An old CD
2. A pen or pencil
3. A guitar pick
4. Scissors
5. Sandpaper
6. Tape

Step 2: Taping the Pick

Make a small circle of tape that will fit onto the back of the guitar pick. Use it to secure the pick onto the CD.

Tip: If you are using a pencil, Stick the pick on the top of the CD. Pencils wont work on the back.

Step 3: Tracing the Pick

Using the pen or pencil, trace the taped-down pick and pull it off. This will leave the outline of the pick where it was taped.

Step 4: Cutting It Out

Cut along the outline with the scissors. As you cut, little bits of shiny stuff will go everywhere, so cut over a trash can or table.

Peel all of the remaining shiny stuff off of the pick.

What you will end up with is the crude outline of a guitar pick with jagged edges. But wait! It's not quite done yet...

Step 5: Sanding

Use the sandpaper to smooth any jagged edges and to finish shaping the pick. Taper the point slightly, like a real pick. Refer to a real guitar pick to get all the details just right.

Once you are satisfied with how it looks and sounds when strummed, you are finished!

Thank you for reading and PLEASE RATE!



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    This project is so cool !! Thank You.

    From what I used, it was easiest to peel the cd apart, so you had the labelled side and the reflective side, then use the reflective side (it broke less often) for the picks. The only luck I had with making them transparent was to sand them, leaving them also looks really cool. so far, I'm at four, but I plan to make a few more, so I can have some and also give a few to my guitar playing friends.

    I have the same sam ash pick! :)

    A good way to take the shiny stuff off is by sticking a piece if tape on the pick and peel it off. The shiny stuff should come off with the tape

    I made mine from an old Win98 CD and sanded it to make it look a little bit opalescent. Very cool idea. Thanks.


    Thank you, that was very useful and cool :)

    I tried everything to take the color off...heat,boiling the cd in hot water,prying it apart,sandpaper,but nothing works,how do I get this to work? (p.s. I did each try on a different cd)

    Nice job.. No cost.. Gotta love it.. What I did was went to and bought a pick punch for $25.00. I don't work for them and get nothing to talk about them. But you gotta see this thing. I can get four pics from an old debit or credit card. Everyone that sees one wants one.. It is just like a hole punch but makes pics. They also sell some clear material. I have all the pics I need now. I give them away...I had an expired drivers license and lined up the punch around the photo and walla, a pic with my pic on it.. Haha..

    I bought a pick punch, too - and I have no need for guitar picks. I don't play & don't know anyone who does - but I just thought it was so cool I had to have it. Now I have jars full of picks I need find a use for. Time to get crafty LOL
    A recent collection from a McDonald's Arch Card

    Fun stuff. Crafty is a good idea. I like the McDonalds pics you made.

    If you go to an Open Mic night sometime, there are a lot of guitars players that would love a few free guitar pics. Or maybe put them in a small jar and ask the local music shop if they will buy them from you for resale. Just sell them cheap.