Trap a Mouse with a Jar and a Coin. Then Chase it with a Motorcycle.

Step 4: Catch And Release!

Picture of Catch And Release!
We release our mice on the runway. It's a festive occasion.
There's no reason for it to be so much fun. It just is. And it's always different.

Sir Heinrich races the mouse on motorcycle.
This mouse was unusually fast and motivated.
I think it had been eating health food in that bin all day.

Video shot by Instructables Matt.
thequara4 years ago
Nice, simple solution to the age old mouse trap quest. For all those whining about killing mice, do you think hawks or owls make their prey comfy before sinking their talons in them? Do you think weasels use anesthesia (sorry, not spell checking that one, if wrong, whah! If correct, yay!) to put them out before chewing them in half? Animals kill them because they are food. We kill them because they are PESTS that can impact our lives and health. Nature is not "Humane" to it's creatures, so is all of nature "wrong" and "Cruel"? Go ahead, let that live-trapped mouse go in the field down your street... if you don't SEE the cat that chews it's head off because you removed the mouse from the shelter of your house, you didn't have anything to do with it's death, right?
I think what you are saying is demagogy.

We are humans - different from other animals - for the reason that we have a choice how to treat our prey.

Setting a mouse loose in a field or forest far enough from house is not hypocritical because cat might kill it anyway - the mouse has same chances that any other little animal in the wilderness. And it also had its chances of getting captured by cat while living in the house.
Actually, you're wrong. You can say that it would have had the same chance if that'll set your mind at ease, but after it has entered your home, it is reliant upon you and other humans for food and shelter. It is actually kinder to simply kill the darn thing quickly so that it doesn't starve to death slowly. Why do you think they put up "Please don't feed the birds" signs, and why so many captive animals can't be released to the wild? They are reliant on humans for everything, so to do so would be a death sentence. All animals have a choice as to how they treat their prey. A cat may decide it isn't hungry, and a wolf pack may decide to hunt elsewhere. People like you annoy me. You have hubris, you think that humans are somehow above all other creatures. Well, look at wolves. Do wolves kill their comrades in cold blood? No. Do wolves actively spend time and effort figuring out more efficient ways to kill each other? No. Do humans? Absolutely, from the very beginning of the human race, we have killed each other and found better ways to do so. Is it really worth it to argue over mice just so you can feel better about yourself? Ask yourself that.
Yes, people who do not set standards for themselves, spend lot of effort for figuring out how to harm others - people and animals. The way from torturing a mouse to torturing people is not that long, that's why I say it out - stop now, on the mouse. People should act better than they do. People have choice to do that.

They do not choose the better way very often. Should I because of that fact go with the flow? Should I like others torture animals and never open my mouth about anyone else doing that?

Do you really think I am trying to fix my awfully bad karma with minor arguing? No, I live by rule, that I do things I want others to do. I make mistakes and try to do better next time, And I am not going to keep my opinion on what is mistake and what is not silently to myself.

And no, not all animals who have lived near people are totally helpless. Maybe a little untrained, but not 100% going to get eaten in next 5 minutes. Whatever its chance - better let someone hungry eat it than kill it for fun or just whitout no point.
But, could it not be said that in letting the mouse out, leaving it hungry, is torture?

Again-judging. Who are you to say that not killing the prey is "the right path?" anyone who knows anything about animals know this- the wolf has to eat too. But they also know that the wolf is sometimes not hungry, or that the wolf chooses a different, perhaps tastier or easier prey. Animals make choices all the time, but they don't waste time quantifying them into categories of "right" and "wrong." Because on the mouse's side, eating it would be bad, and leaving it would be good. Whereas from the wolf's perspective, eating it would be good, and leaving it would be starvation and possibly death.

And yeah, you are trying to fix your karma. Everybody has made some kind of mistake that haunts them. Perhaps you killed something or someone once, by accident or on purpose, and now wish to atone for this by stopping others from doing so. A noble sentiment, which leaves you on the surface and in your head a "good" person. But, honestly, it's much more likely you are trying to make up for the past, or to justify the present.

Finally, I don't care if you argue. I argue all the time. I'm jaded. I have a somewhat scathing outlook on the world. Just, while you're arguing, do so from a rational standpoint. Don't judge others, show them a different way. And don't think that your way is always the better way. And don't hold yourself above the rest of the world, because we all break the golden rule. Constantly. The two of us just have, just with this argument. The two of us are both hypocritical. I'm judging you right now while I'm telling you not to judge.

I agree with you on one point. People should act differently. You can't say better, because better means different things to everyone. But the world would be safer, at the very least, if people looked at things from the other side's point of view.
I definately am not trying to worsen my karma, but it's not that simple that one could point out which dramatic event is haunting me. I think saying out my opinion is part of showing my different way. It's absolutely nothing by itself, but without it no one would know that a person, in this case me, who is trying to get through this life without making too many excuses, but pushing self for good changes, existed at all.

I have to admit that I can't understand the point of view of these guys with the motorcycle too well. Maybe I am starting to get Yours a bit better already, after lots of writing You have done. I am even starting to like You...
Honestly, I argue here for a few very simple reasons, which, after some reflection, I have come to terms with. First- I kinda like to have a good argument, assuming it's all in good spirit and neither side is trying to pit down the other. Second- I find the Internet is a very good way for me to express myself and my feelings since I'm not face to face, and I can say what I like without seeing how the other person reacts; it becomes easier for me. Third- after somewhat recent events I realized I am becoming cynical to some degree, after seeing firsthand the cruelty of the world unleashed on someone very close and dear to me, someone who didn't deserve it. Fourth- I actually agree with you on most points. Don't torture the thing. I would say either kill it very very quickly and painlessly, or put it out somewhere with perhaps a bit of food to get it started in life. I'm not sure if killing mice is such a clear cut path to becoming an axe murderer (I mean, when was the last time I ever thought twice about smashing a fly or termite), but I do not condone animal cruelty in any way.

In debate class, they often have you take up the side you would normally disagree with, so that you can see the world through other's eyes. Let me just say this now- I would rather die than kill anyone or anything (aside from spiders and little bugs, as they are icky and kinda scare me). The last time I saw a mouse in my house, I bought humane nonlethal traps and tried to get the little guy before one of my four cats did. Unsuccessfully, but, hey, I was up against history's greatest mouse catchers.

I have to admit, I was wrong to say you did something wrong and are trying to make up for that. I simply forgot that there are still people who actually care about others.
It was a meaningful argument to have, it widened my understanding of the world. I hope things will get better for You and Your loved ones.
Libahunt4 years ago

If you feel you need to get rid of it permanently - get a proper killing trap, no need to suffocate it in the jar or make it panic on the endless paving. Even if they did not run over the mouse this time, it could have accidentally happened. If you bothered to capture it humanely then release it humanely without the circus.

We are humans - different from other animals - for the reason that we have a choice how to treat our prey. Those who torture animals become less human and even inferior to wild animals which do not have choice.

And as you are probably not eating that mouse - think again, you must be really desperately disturbed by that little being to kill it.
Honestly, if you were just going to make self-righteous comments about other people, why even bother reading the Instructable? And while you're at it, don't insult my cats, and every other animal, wild or domestic, on the planet.
I did read it.
I didn't insult Your or my own cat. I dont ever judge animals.
But I'm saying why bother reading it if you know how it ends? A good book never reveals its ending twist, and the end to this story was plain. Also, you did insult my cats, and you did judge every animal by saying they have no choice. Animals, though humans hate to recognize it, can choose what they do, when they do it, and how. You should know this if you have a cat. Seriously, they don't budge if they don't want to.

And scaring isn't exactly torture. Although it is a complete waste of time, everybody forgets being scared. Nobody forgets physical pain. As long as they didn't actually hurt the thing, it cannot be defined as torture, as the effects are fleeting, evanescent. That's why people watch horror movies.
You must admit that only humans are able to get such strange ideas and make them come true like not to have children or become vegan. And other possibilities, these were just primitive examples. Animals never do these things. You can call these ideas human stupidity and assume animals are smarter and discard such ideas. But I call most of them choice and I tend to think that animals do not think of them in the first place. No intention to insult any of them. Just humans are different. Not in any good way. Different.

Also my knowledge and experience suggests that humans are only species on this planet who are able to destroy most of biological life, including themselves, on very large areas (and we are probably heading that way). I am not very optimistic about humans too by the way, I think possibly You might be arguing with me because You aren't. I see that power to destroy as responsibility. I think we must make rules for ourselves that are not derived from what a bored pack of wolves might do. Not because human was superior but because he's different. Like you can't play one sportsgame with rules of a totally other thing.

Sorry, I don't have a common experince with You what is torture and what isn't. I remember being scared and remember it as very unpleasant. I don't know why other people watch horror movies. On the other hand I don't remember any significant physical pain, maybe I haven't felt it. And on that personal experience I think animals hate to be scared as much as I do.

Reading ... because the title suggested something positive in the first half and I just did not get the other half as quickly, it was like "what?..", probably my fantasy does not go that violent way easily to get the sign "do not read".

Yeah, you're right, I have a very depressing and pessimistic view of humanity due to past experience and simple observation. I think before we blast ourselves into oblivion though, we will use up too many resources and cause a mass extinction. If we survive at all, our numbers will be severely diminished.

Depending on how long lasting the feeling is, it is or isn't torture. For example, if all of a sudden, the mouse shivers for the rest of its life, that's torture. If it gets an adrenaline rush (do mice have adrenaline?) for a few minutes and then escapes and calms down, it isn't. I define torture on lasting effects. The worst pain I have ever felt was when my first real love broke up with me, and that left a lasting effect, so I would say it was torturous.
They didn't run over the mouse. They were just chasing it around. Keep calm and go watch a cat video on Youtube.
technodai7 years ago
Creating a simple, effective and humane mouse trap = brilliant
Chasing a mouse around with a motorbike = retarded
Agreed, I thought this was a pretty cool instructable until I saw the final step.
mice are mice, it's not a big deal.
you mean:
Chasing a mouse around with a motorbike = hilarious
you must have a pretty sad and boring life if u chase mice around for fun
darthbindy4 years ago
still great job on the build! = )
darthbindy4 years ago
great job on making a humane mouse trap but chasing it with a motor bike?and killing it? no wonder so many people grow up to be killers.................
Zach235 years ago
i hate mice
So that's why you've got a mouse trap racer as your picture.
goldminer786 years ago
or put it in a cardboard box and stun it over and over and over and..........oops all over :P LOL. Thats what I do. But hey, we're not all perfect. :)
benzlers6 years ago
legs i mean
benzlers6 years ago
well i rekon get a bow and arrow break there lags and chase after them trying to shoot them
arentnancy6 years ago
I think setting the trap on a piece of heavy cardboard might make removal easier. I think chasing a released mouse is heartless, the poor thing is already a nervous wreak.
the_don7 years ago
Koodos to this mouse trap, i have a mouse in my house, and this seems like the simplest way to go, and literately 5 mins ago, caught the squeaky thing.
Or catch a few of them and launch them into the air with a spud cannon
Gridnack5727 years ago
I let my cat play with them .... right up till it has a heart attack (mouse) cat is bored mouse not running poor mouse
snowaier7 years ago
cruelty for the lose. at least you didnt run over it. on the video anyway...
komodo 30007 years ago
or set it on a firework
joakimk7 years ago
I like the idea of a non-lethal mouse trap, but releasing it only to chase it around is just cruel. At risk of violating the "be nice" policy myself, I claim you're a bunch of wankers.