Trash Bag Changing Hack





Introduction: Trash Bag Changing Hack

Always forget to put a new bag into the trash? Or really hate change it like me? This solution can help you!

Step 1: Watch the Video

I always got in that situation to find a trash without a bag because me or my wife forgot to put in a new trash bag. If you have the same problem just use this tip and solve your problem ;)

Step 2: 1 and Only Step

It's so so simple put the new bag into the trash but not just one put 5 or 10 :)

I did it 10 times in the video and i used different bags to reveal the method better. But you can use the same bag it works as well!

Step 3: The End

We put out the bag twice but there is still a bag in the trash and this is absolutely joyful for us :)))

I hope you really like this as well ;)

That's the ShiftyWay :)

Step 4: Don't Forget to Check Out the Video

As always thanks for your support!



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    I just hate finding a new one. So I just put a bunch of them in the bottom, before installing a new one.

    When you take out the first bag to empty out the trash won't all of the other bags come with it?

    That's what I thought, too. :(

    They should sell them that way. That would be even easier!!!

    Just so long as none of them leak, then it's good! In case of any bags that might leak, I don't line the entire garbage can, but drape the unused ones over an edge, so I know I have bags ready to reline if I have to. I make sure to put that side of the can away from the front, so they won't get dirty from trash being thrown into the can.

    A similar effect can be achieved by storing a roll of garbage bags at the bottom of the can, opening the top bag for use. As each bag is filled, tie it off and tear it off and move the next bag into place.

    I rate dealing with trash/rubbish up there with visits to the supermarket - spoils my day. The bags (local council only deal with large black bags) have to out by 6-AM. If you put them out the night before, the foxes or gulls rip them open, so Mondays start with a bleary-eyed struggle to drag these bags through the house to put them by the road so that the operatives don't have to walk far. So all the effort and ingenuity of bagging in the house ends up with a rush to stuff these into the council-approved black bags.

    As for pulling the bag out of the bin, I suspect that part of the problem is the build up of static between bag and bin if plastic - if due to creating a vacuum, perhaps an air admittance valve in the base of the bin or a length of plastic pipe from top to bottom in the bin to let the air in. Alternatively, connect to air compressor and stand back.

    you have a good idea -- i always put in only one bag but my dad taught me to punch a hole in the top of the bag by the rim of the can with my thumb. this lets out any air between the bag and the can. also, i put several layers of newspaper advertising in the bottom of the can to soak up any leaks(none yet-knock on wood). i've never had any problem pulling the bag out of the can with no holes and putting in a new bag couldn't be easier.

    I punch a hole in the bottom of the trash can. That way I don't need to worry about the bag tearing or leaking.