Left over wood
Left over paint
Screws or nails

Step 1: The Legs

Put two long branches into the ground. Peel the bark of with a knife.

Step 2: The Body

Choose a curved branch for the neck. Use left over wood for the body. Screw or nail the pieces together.

Step 3: Assembling

Assemble the legs with the body. Use screws or nails.

Step 4: The Wings

Add wing shaped pieces.

Step 5: The Feathers

Cover the body with feathers made of left over wood.

Step 6: The Head

Cut pieces of wood into suitable shapes to form the head and the beak.

Step 7: The Colour

Use left over paint to make the trash bird become alive.

Step 8: Examples

I guess you can create all kind of birds... or come up with some new species.
<p>I realy love them !!!!</p>
<p>I like it,made me smile.Might build this to piss off the neighbors.</p>
<p>hahaha cute :)</p>
<p> very picaso-esc :)</p>

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