Picture of Trash Droid
trash droid.jpg
a star wars inspired droid i made from trash please rate if you like it :) I still need a good name any suggestions ?
LucDaRocka12 years ago
Lo-tI (Luck of the Irish) Because it's green
maybe trash droid?
Kiteman3 years ago
R2 D-Cycle?

(I wish you'd taken photos as you went, this would have made a grand step-by-step Instructable)
spacepirate04 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
when i get another bottle i`ll make an instructable :)
Awesome! If you decide to make it again, I would love to see step by step photos! It's so very droid-like, definitely not pill bottle-like.
EmcySquare3 years ago