Picture of The Pawbin - A dog friendly trashcan

The trashcan is a household object that is used a lot during the day. The task of opening and closing a trashcan might seem easy for everyone, but it can be a challenge for some. For people in a wheelchair the opening and closing of a trashcan can still be a hard job, even with a guidance dog. This trashcan was designed specifically to help Sylvie and her dog Croepoek with this problem.

The Pawbin is a hacked trashcan that can be made by anyone. During the development of this project we tried to use a low amount of components so the modification could stay minimal.

In this DIY product we add weights to keep the trashcan grounded and in place. We also add a small pulley system to the lid so the trashcan opens and closes easier. Finally we added a toy so the dog can open and close the trashcan instinctively with ease.

Almost every dog will be able to use the Pawbin effectively. The only trait the dog needs is the ability to learn tricks. But keep in mind that this DIY product was specially designed for people who use trained dogs in the assistance of their daily life.

Note: This is an instructable that can be used on any small trashcan with minor modifications.

For further information (ie. our process and different iterations) visit our blog:

Click here to view the video

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spikeseller9 months ago
Easy for a service dog to learn to use this. Nice job!
jessyratfink9 months ago

It was genius to use tennis balls for this!!