My fiance brought home a doll house the neighbor was trashing. It was badly beaten and abused and had definitely seen better days, but we could fix it. We decided to give it an overhaul and gift it to her best friends daughter.

Step 1: Dis-assembly

This house is a pretty nice one. It came apart pretty easily Just keep track of the screws, nuts and bolts. Its always nice to have an extra pair of hands while doing this.
<p>That is just beautiful! I love that you put in that chair rail! The details really do it!</p>
<p>Aww Shucks!<br>Thanks, :) The little girl it went to is just loving it!</p>
<p>That is adorable! It is bigger than her! Are you thinking of making little furniture for it? I just LOVE little furniture! I wish I could sit on little furniture :D</p>
<p>i wanna sit on little furniture......</p><p>with little ppl.... and little food AND A LITTLE PIG OR ELEPHANTTTTT</p>
<p>Yes indeed! She has already asked for a refrigerator and beds. </p>
Did you paint directly over the decals that were already on the house or did you remove them first?
<p>I did paint over them but I scraped the loose ones off and sanded the whole thing first.</p>
<p>Thank you very much!</p>
well done;that was a good idea
<p>thanks very much. It turned out nice.</p>
<p>Awesome work! :D</p>
<p>thanks chikpeas</p>
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<p>doing great. Keep them coming.</p>
The transformation is complete..
<p>All I see here is love for the children :), Great job done bro.</p>
<p>Thank you Tarun, your picture says it all!</p>
Great job. Thanks for sharing the happiness it brought to it's new owner.
<p>Thanks Bob, she really is enjoying it!</p>

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