Trash to Treasure :Shadow Box Lighting(Sweet's Box to Decorating Light)




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Introduction: Trash to Treasure :Shadow Box Lighting(Sweet's Box to Decorating Light)

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Trash to Treasure : Shadow box lighting

Today I am going to make shadow box lighting with used sweet’s box.

With this trash, I made this light(treasure) ;)

This is a very low-cost project.

What you need:

1) Poster board :5 sheets,white (Dollar store)

2) LED light battery operated (Dollar store)

3) White foam sheet

4) Glue

5) Utility knife (Dollar store)

6) For the shadow box, I used the sweet’s box. (If you want to buy shadow box,you can get it Micheals or Hobby Lobby, JoAnn) You can use any size you like.

Next Step:

First, you need to select some silhouette image. You can make it your own or google it you can find lots.

Then you need to cut silhouette on the poster paper or board .Then separate your silhouette layer with white foam sheet.

First,you put the light inside the box then cut a hole for battery area and tape it from inside.

So you can change your battery from outside. Then inside battery area cover with blank paper.

Then put your silhouette layers with glue and stick into the box and each layer separated with foam sheet. You are done.

Please watch my video.



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    I LOVE THIS!!! I will make time to do this.... You definitely have my vote.

    1 reply

    Thank you so much. I appreciate that.