Picture of Trash to treasure 5 garden-patio table
This is another quick project with amazing results
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Step 1: The finds

Picture of the finds
You find all kinds of things when you're curb mining, keeping an open mind is the key to re-purposing. This broken chair was thrown on the truck as scrap but it's ornate look caught my attention, it's rather heavy so it may even be brass but I'm not sure. A short while later I found a really nice smoked glass table with a severely rusted frame/stand. I actually went back with the car to get the glass so it wouldn't get broken. Seeing the 2 pieces together is when inspiration struck.....

 by the way, the burlap in the background, the metal frame its draped over and even the wood the glass is resting on are all found objects as well

Step 2: Disassemble

Picture of disassemble
A quick look showed the base was attached with 4 torx bolts, that looks easy enough! A couple minutes later I had an ornate base, a swivel base for the possibilium pile and a little scrap

Step 3: Set it up and enjoy

Picture of set it up and enjoy
It actually took me longer to find a place to set up the table than all the rest of the project, this shady area in the front garden will work for now.