Step 10: Construct the Drawers

I made 2 drawers for my case.  Neither was as successful as I hoped. I should have made them slightly smaller than the frames they were designed to fit into so I had to do a lot of sanding and a bit of re-gluing to get them to fit right.   The construction techniques and shapes worked just fine (it was only an issue with the size I made each drawer). 

The large drawer in the bottom of the right hand side of the case was designed so that the drawer front was large enough to cover the frame that holds the drawer.  Therefore the drawer bottom and side pieces need to be smaller than the drawer front.  I designed the drawer front to hold finger joint connection points slightly inside the edge of the drawer.

Place dots of glue in the valleys of each finger joint piece.
Match the parts together to complete the drawer.
Clamp in place until the glue is set.