Step 11: Decorative Touches

Picture of Decorative Touches
At a few places inside my case I wanted a bit more decoration.  While I was layout out all of my pieces for laser cutting I created cutting files for wood veneer.  I selected two types of wood veneer that are close in color for a subtle design but are still different enough to show a clear pattern. 

By designing everything in Illustrator I knew the exact size and shape of each piece I wanted to add veneer to.  If you aren't working with a computer you could also draw your design on paper and trace off each piece to cut by hand. 

I did a rough layout of each of the veneer pieces so I knew everything was there and in the right place.

Apply a thin consistent layer of wood glue on the surface you are gluing to.  Carefully place the piece of wood veneer.  I used stacks of washers to hold the veneer flat and in place as I added pieces of veneer.