Step 13: Support Straps

In places where things may roll away (like the shaker) or may fall and break when the case opens it can be helpful to add a strap to hold things in place.  I used navy blue leather.  Vinyl would work and you could use a woven fabric but be sure to finish the edges in some way if you use a woven fabric.

After a lot of searching through craft stores and hardware stores, I settled on using skirt hooks and loops for the closure. 

The holes on the metal loop part are very close together - too close for drilling holes into wood.  I attach the metal loop piece to a square of leather and then attach the leather to the wood.  Drill holes in the wood that match the holes punched in the leather and sew the leather to the wood. 

Create strap of fabric long enough to be attached to the wooden case and hook to the loop.  At one end of the strap attach a metal hook with consideration taken to the angle, side of the leather, and overall positioning of the strap.  Attach the strap to the case.

For the straps that hold my glasses in place, I wrapped the dowels in leather and attached the hook to that piece of leather. 

To hold the tongs, I made a loop of leather.